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Most frequent questions and answers
As part of the consultation will I have the opportunity to shoot various shotguns?

Yes, this service includes range time and is uniquely designed to assist the client in choosing the right firearm. Prior to meeting at the range we will have a short 15 minute discussion. From this information a representative selection of shotguns will be available for use.

How much time does an average consultation take?

The main goal is to help educate the client on many aspects of the shotgun sports. The amount of time is directly related to both the number of participants (1-3) and the amount of information desired. A good rule of thumb is 60 minutes (1 participant), 90 minutes (2 participants), 2 hrs. (3 participants).

As part of this consultation do you help decide which firearm is the right one?

The goal of this service is not to tell the client what to buy, rather to share information and educate the client in order to make an informed decision. This goal is achieved by understanding the pros and cons of different actions, different manufacturers and why certain equipment is designed for specific shooting disciplines.

Is private instruction one on one only?

Our model is focused on the sharing of information at a reasonable cost. In saying that, private instruction can include 1-3 shooters with similar skills and goals in order to maximize the benefits to the client(s).

What ranges do you teach at?

Currently our focus is Ben Avery Clay Target Center in Phoenix and Coyote Springs Sporting Clays in Tucson. All of our services are available at both locations.

What other fees are involved?

Private instruction is charged hourly with a sliding scale for multiple shooters (1-3). All other fees are the responsibility of the student (ammunition, targets, etc…)

How do group clinics differ from private instruction?

Clinics are designed with a different format in mind taking into account the number of shooters (5 or more) and information shared. The focus is normally high level, such as “An Introduction to Sporting Clays” with the cost being shared across all participants.

When are these clinics scheduled?

Please take a look at the “Calendar” tab of this site; you will see dates as well as a short description. If additional information is required or you would like to reserve your slot, please send us an email and we will respond ASAP with details.

Can custom clinics be scheduled?

Yes, if a group of shooters come together with similar goals, we would collaborate and provide a clinic that meets your needs.

How big of a group can you handle?

With proper planning we can provide a safe and enjoyable outing for up to 100 participants. In order to ensure a successful event for all involved we recommend making contact as soon as possible. Many of our events are planned months in advance and the end result is always that much better.

Are the corporate events all inclusive?

Yes, once all of the pre-planning is complete and the scope is well understood, the fees are all inclusive. Additional offerings beyond shooting are available to ensure a unique and memorable event.

What is your availability for corporate events?

7 days a week. The only limitation is other competing events such as large tournaments. Again, quality pre-planning will ensure a great event.